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you’ve never had a bag like this

Fits all your daily use items with ease, even the bulky ones.

Fits all your daily use items with ease, even the bulky ones.

Fits all your daily use items with ease, even the bulky ones.

Fits all your daily use items with ease, even the bulky ones.

Crazy customizable, with endless storage options.

Easy to use, light to carry, and lasts you a lifetime.

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"There are way too many pockets for any normal human being in this backpack. Lucky for you and me, we're both hoarders."

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"The bag can be customized with accessories so you can make it anything you want."


Dozens of Verified 5 Star Reviews

Best Backpack EVER!

I am so psyched to have found this and purchased this backpack. I am always on the go and basically have to take my mobile office with me. The beauty of this backpack is that it is able to expand or contract, depending on my equipment needs. There are also times that I travel for a day or two. This allows me to pack everything in one bag. It also has an internal Mole system that allows you to customize even more! The quality is amazing...the features are amazing!

Geoff L.

Amazingly Versatile Bag

This bag is amazing. It has more pockets than you can imagine, expandability beyond any other backpack on the market, and the ability to grow or shrink with your daily carry. I’ve purchased lots of bags in the past and I believe this may be the last bag I ever buy. If you’re on the fence about this bag, take the plunge and buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen K.

The modular bag I've been searching for

Been searching for a bag that modular for a while. it even exceeded my expectations, as I'm discovering new pockets every day. [...] And everything is so cleverly designed and extensible with the Molle system. If they did not include what you need in the *canvas*, you can just plug attach some Molle accessories ! add a bottle holder, another pouch, a second handle, a phone holder, put them inside or outside. use the bag to work as an everyday carry, then customise it before your next weekend hike by swapping a couple pouches around and adding a second bottle holder for example. [...] I never could have done that with any of my previous bags. Love it!

Benoit J.

At OSUZA, we take design seriously. Our high-performance backpacks are beautifully designed with innovative features and premium materials.

Elevate your carrying game with the perfect backpack, and enjoy our 100-day risk-free trial. If you're not satisfied and it doesn’t replace your other bags, we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

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A military man never has to rummage through his backpack to find something. This backpack uses a military carry-style inspired system to organize all your belongings.

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We've never seen anything like this weird everyday backpack. Osuza's everyday backpack uses a unique construction to carry everything from art supplies to gym gear.

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Made specifically for creatives by creatives. This premium black canvas bag is expandable, weatherproof, and customisable.

Meet Your New Favorite Bag

Expandable Img
Expandable Layout

With our unique, expandable and flexible lay flat design, there is nothing this bag can't hold for your daily life.

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Customizable Configuration

Compatible accessories that adapt your bag for how your needs change throughout your day.

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Performance Img
Performance Grade Material

Geared for top performance and built to last a lifetime with our water and weather-resistant material.

Lightweight Img
Lightweight Form Factor

Built to be the perfect balance between being lightweight and durable.

Lifetime Guarantee


Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees, if your OSUZA bag fails as a result of defective workmanship under normal use while you remain the bag’s owner, we will repair or replace the part(s) in question.

Our warranty repairs cover zipper faults, seam splitting, weak velcro straps, broken side release buckles, and worn out foam/padding.

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