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More Than A Makeup Bag

More Than A Makeup Bag

If you’re a makeup artist (or anyone else, for that matter), you’ve probably seen a lot of makeup bags.

You’ve seen them in different shapes, sizes, colours, brands. 

Maybe you’ve seen some with zips and some with handles.

But have you seen a modular bag that can transform depending on what YOU need?


Let us introduce you to Osuza bags.

Innovative Products Made For Creatives, By Creatives.

We embarked on a journey of endless prototypes to create the makeup artist backpacks of your wildest dreams.

Despite some minor variations, most of the bags on the market right now are pretty much the same —  a simple product made for the masses. They usually don’t leave much room for versatility and individual expression.

That’s where Osuza stands out.

Unlike other high-quality bags you may find, Osuza bags are affordable without compromising on comfort, style, or innovative functionality — allowing you to focus your energy on your craft.

Our customizable backpacks are for the artists and tinkerers whose lifestyles are a bit out of the ordinary. The people who need flexible products to keep up with their creative minds.

One thing we know for sure, the makeup world is fast-paced. This type of artistry often revolves around being adaptable, mobile, and able to work under time constraints.

Whether you’re travelling to a big shoot or an intimate event, a reliable travel backpack is a must.

One Makeup Bag. Endless Creative Possibilities.

For any and every occasion, the Osuza LIMITLESS backpack can be your portable makeup studio.

Designed with dynamic schedules in mind, this modular backpack system boasts unparalleled resizing and reshaping capabilities — making it the perfect companion for any project.

Every face is different, and that means an MUA needs to carry products for every possible situation.

It’s not as simple as carrying a couple of foundations and an eyeshadow palette. On any given day, an MUA has to move around with countless shades of countless products, as well as an array of tools — brushes, sponges, eyelash curlers, spoolies…the list goes on and on and on.

Most of the time, a compact makeup bag isn’t going to cut it, but on the other hand, a big bulky suitcase isn’t exactly ideal either.

Good thing we’ve crafted a solution.

The LIMITLESS backpack has 6+ configurations, which means YOU choose the type of bag you want.

Our tailored Molle system allows you to seamlessly shape and transform your modular tactical backpack with interchangeable attachment options. 

The best part? There are no complicated instructions. It’s as easy as clipping attachments on and off to create the bag that will suit your agenda for the day.

Duffle, fold-top, rolltop, briefcase, circular, drawstring —  that’s SIX bags in ONE.

With additional backpack gadgets like extra pouches, straps, and clips, you can go even further to create your own configurations.

If you’re the type of creative who always packs a little extra just in case, the LIMITLESS backpack can expand from a 30L capacity to 45L. 

If your services include a full package, maybe you need some space for hair tools as well. 

Not a problem, expand your modular luggage system to fit up to 60L of all your essential items and more.

Optimum Organization, Convenient Customization.

If you need something to keep your products and tools perfectly in place, the black CANVAS backpack is the best modular backpack for you.

The CANVAS backpack features dedicated compartments and zip-up pockets to keep everything secure and organized inside. This will ensure that every brush can have its own spot — they’ll never get lost in the bottom of a bag again!

If you need even more compartments, we have additional small and large pouches that you can attach to your backpack. Just clip them on and they’ll fit right in.

The innovative fold-out design of the CANVAS  is perfect for makeup artists on the go. Just unclip the bag wherever you are, and it will lay out flat. All of your tools will be on display and easy to reach — great for saving time, especially when you’re in a rush to finish with one client and move on to the next in line.

Let’s say your schedule today is fully booked, with a morning bridal party and an afternoon photoshoot. The LIMITLESS will give you more space than you could possibly need, configured in any shape or style you like. You can pack for the day in a circular backpack with tools for the shoot at the bottom and tools for the bridal party on top.

Or maybe you’d rather use the CANVAS to keep everything in its dedicated place. You can save one side for the first appointment and the other for the second.

No matter which Osuza customizable backpack you choose, there will be endless ways to set yourself up for the day — keeping you organized and equipped to create perfect makeup looks wherever you go.

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