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The Backpack For Artists

The Backpack For Artists

Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly. It can catch us off guard in the most fortuitous moments.

Every creative knows the feeling: that sudden spark when an idea falls into place.

It could be during your daily commute, perhaps with a glance out the window. Maybe it happens during a conversation where someone says just the right thing to set your idea in motion.

Unfortunately, if you don’t capture that inspiration with a notebook, a camera, or maybe a sketch, it can slip away just as quickly as it came.

We get it.

Travelling with everything you need usually means carrying more than one bag.

If you spend any part of your day moving through the city or hopping on public transport to get to your next destination, lugging a bunch of bags around can be a nightmare.

Cramming all your pencils and brushes into one bag fit for daily travel can seem impossible…but it’s not.

That’s how Osuza was born — made for creatives, by creatives. Designed to push past the limits of normal products.

Our bags are an artist’s dream. Reliable, adaptable, and endlessly customizable.

Art can take you anywhere in the world, but not every artist works from a studio. Moving from place to place is often part of the gig.

To push the boundaries of where they can create, an artist needs a bag that carries all the essentials and more.

So, we made the bags.

Every Tool, Every Medium, One Customizable Backpack.

Our LIMITLESS bag has unparalleled resizing and reshaping capabilities — the perfect companion for any project.

With our custom Molle system, all components of the LIMITLESS are removable and interchangeable. It’s as simple as clipping on and clipping off.

It’s all in the name. There are endless ways to configure your LIMITLESS bag.

When you’re carrying sketchpads or your portfolio, transform the LIMITLESS into a briefcase.

Carrying paint tubes and brushes? Turn it into a drawstring. Carrying fabrics? Turn it into a duffel.

It can even transform into a circular backpack to carry posters and rolled-up canvases. ONE bag can be configured in over SIX different ways.

That’s not all.

Let’s say you’ve packed up your bag at the end of the day. All of your essential tools are secured. You decide to make an impromptu stop to pick up more supplies.

You’ll probably need to buy another bag to fit all the extra items, right?


You can expand your LIMITLESS bag from a 30L capacity to 45L and expand it again to carry 60L. That’s a lot of supplies.

Unfold Endless Possibilities

If you’re looking for a bag to keep things orderly, we’ve got just the thing.

No matter what your craft is or where you work best, our CANVAS backpack can be your mobile studio.

The CANVAS has dedicated compartments to secure everything from brushes and pencils to paints and palette knives. Whether you organize by color or keep a mental note of where your tools are, this customizable backpack is designed to align with YOUR needs.

It features discreet zip-up pockets and a 17” laptop sleeve to keep important items separate from the main bag. Exterior pockets on the top and side allow for quick and easy access to your essentials when you’re in a rush.

The unique foldout and lay-flat design makes this THE backpack for artists.

Rather than reaching into a traditional backpack to search for the color you need. You can lay the CANVAS on the table next to you and fold it out to have a clear view of your tools.

You won’t need to waste valuable time unpacking and repacking your CANVAS. Simply fold it out when it’s time to create, then clip it back together when you’re ready to hit the road.

We understand that every artist is unique, with their own preferences and workflow. That’s why we offer additional accessories like small or large pouches, extra straps, and extra clips to make the CANVAS even more perfect for you.

The customization options don’t end there. The CANVAS has expanding abilities that can easily take your backpack from a 20L to a 40L capacity. You’ll never have to leave anything behind to save space.

One For Every Creative.

As creatives, we’ve spent our lives embracing individuality and exploring new ideas. Osuza bags aren’t just a vessel for your tools—they’re an extension of your creativity, designed to adapt and evolve with YOU.

We can guarantee you’ve never had a bag quite like ours. Osuza bags are the companions you’ve been dreaming of — there to ensure that next time inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready.

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