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The One Backpack Every Architect Should Have

The One Backpack Every Architect Should Have

In the world of architecture, the tools we carry are as essential as the designs we create. A laptop, an iPad, notebooks, tracing paper, rulers, pens, markers… and don’t forget the printed plans! An architect rarely travels light as they navigate the day. From site visits and client meetings to presentations or classes, having a versatile and reliable travel companion makes a world of difference.

Enter Osuza — Crafted For Creatives, By Creatives.

We know what it’s like to move through the city carrying sketches and plans — printed or drawn, ready to go… Only to find you have to leave your backpack slightly open so nothing gets crushed. We also know how that can end with precious plans spilling out onto the ground.

To survive the shifts and challenges of the day, an architect’s bag has to be durable and adaptable. One size fits all doesn’t work for creatives. So, we decided to make a bag that can be transformed to fit you.


There are too many products on the market that only offer a restricted range of uses and customizations. Traditional bags are usually designed for just one purpose. A briefcase to carry documents. A gym bag to carry some equipment. With bags like this, you have to adapt to their limitations. Often, that means leaving something important behind because it won’t fit.

With our bags, you’ll never have that problem.

Osuza Modular Backpacks Adapt To YOUR Needs.

We design our products to go above and beyond the normal so that our fellow creatives can go above and beyond in their craft. Architecture is about design, innovation, and thinking outside the box. So, we made a product that can keep up.

Our LIMITLESS backpack is designed with customization and flexibility in mind. This modular tactical backpack is made from military-grade materials that can efficiently protect its contents. But don’t be fooled; maximum toughness doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort or style.

Our bags are all carefully crafted to guarantee comfortable use — especially on days you’re travelling to site, heading to class, or heading to the gym straight after work.

The sleek design can suit any environment. Say goodbye to chunky, bulky backpacks that lack artistic flair. You can morph this ONE bag into whatever you’d like — and it will always look stylish. We aren’t kidding, we’re still coming up with configurations (if you’re obsessed with building, tinkering, and playing — you’ve met your match).

Maybe today, you’re carrying a drafting tube or two, along with your usual essentials and some extra items.

Not a problem.

The LIMITLESS can expand from a 30L capacity to 45L and even 60L. You’ll have more space than you can imagine. Seriously. You can carry everything and more in a single bag.

The clever design allows for endless configurations, meaning this bag can literally become whatever you need — circular, duffle, rolltop, briefcase, foldtop, drawstring. 6+ bags in one.

Our CANVAS backpack is yet another testament to innovation.

This customisable backpack has a unique fold-out design and secure flaps that allow for organized packing to keep your essential tools safe and within reach. It’s more than just a bag. It’s a toolkit for anyone who tinkers, a mobile studio for anyone who designs, and a storage system for anyone who’s always on the go.

There’s nothing worse than having everything loose in a one-compartment bag. We can guarantee that the days of rummaging around to find the good pen or iPad charger are over.

The CANVAS features dedicated compartments and discreet pockets to keep everything neatly organised and easy to grab in a rush.

Using our extensive range of CANVAS accessories, you can tailor this backpack to the twists and turns of your day.

Expand, morph, Customize. Designed For Flexibility.


Picture this: You’ve packed up all your tools, ready to meet a client a few blocks away. Traffic is backed up, so walking is your best bet. Before you can leave… it starts pouring rain.

No need to panic; Osuza to the rescue.

Our waterproof CANVAS rain cover is available to provide an extra layer of protection for the contents of your backpack.

We’ve also crafted extra pouches of all different sizes that can be seamlessly added to your CANVAS — allowing you to make your perfect bag even more perfect.

If you’re tired of carrying multiple bags around or switching from your work bag to your weekend bag, Osuza is here to change everything.

We spent years prototyping and re-designing to create a single carry system that can outperform any other backpack.

We created Osuza so you can create anything and everything. We want our products to be an extension of every individual customer, catering to your unique needs and ever-evolving environments.

For professional architects who transport sketches and tools from the office to different sites. For architecture students who have to carry model building materials across campus.

Osuza is for you — and EVERYTHING you need.

With our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design, our goal is to push past normal products.

Our bags aren’t just bags; they’re the trusty sidekick you can rely on for every creative endeavour.

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